Hello! I'm Jenn Ciplet, a photographer living in Louisville, Colorado. I live with my husband, Dave, and our three kids: Eliza, Marlon and Cora.

My photography centers on people and capturing the beauty of our everyday lives. I use natural light and my photographs evoke a playful, authentic, unscripted spirit. My interest is in capturing beautiful moments of life being lived, just as it is.

I have taken classes from New York photographer Thea Coughlin and studied closely with Boston-area photographer Tara Morris. My organic style reflects their teaching. I collaborate with Tara Morris to orchestrate Destination Love Offensive yoga and photography retreats around the world.

I also work at CU Boulder, where I manage communications for CU Engage (lucky me - I get to take a lot of pictures!). Photography is a true passion of mine - it's a gift to pursue it in every way that I can.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me doing yoga, making stuff on my sewing machine, or chilling with my family in our pop-up camper somewhere up in the mountains.

Please don't hesitate to contact me!



510.846.5018 / jennifercipletphotography@gmail.com