35 minute session at your home or local location of your choice (such as a favorite park or playground) for 1-2 kids: $225

Each additional kid: $20 each

For travel to locations outside of Boulder County I will add a travel charge based on the travel distance.

This price includes access to a private link of your digital photographs, where you can download or print the photos as you wish. For professional quality prints, I can recommend places for you to get your prints made. Price includes the high resolution digital files only and does not include the cost of the prints.

I have three of my own: Eliza (7), Marlon (5) and Cora (5). That's them, below.

And this is what I know about having kids: it's like walking around all day with your heart beating outside of your body.​

​And here's what else I know about having kids: they are messy. And stubborn and difficult. 
And sometimes absolutely maddening. 
​And lots of times insightful and kind and funny. And often our best teachers.

When my twins were little there was a mantra that I used to get myself through many a difficult day: "The days are long but the years are short." Isn't this the truth?

​​​When I photograph kids, I want to capture them as they are.
I don't want them dressed in that uncomfortable "best shirt" that itches their neck. 
I don't want them to feel - on "picture day" or any other day - that they have to be anything other than who they already are.
​I want to take photographs that celebrate the messy rooms, the shoes they put on the wrong feet, the lopsided pigtails.

​Because this is real life. These are the moments - as exhausting as they can be sometimes for us grown-ups - that we'll never get back.

I know I've gotten a great photo of a child if, when I look at it, I can really feel them - if I can smell their hair, or feel their soft cheek; if the photograph helps me imagine the light just as it was on that day.

A good photograph of a child, I believe, is like a time capsule; a token from the past with the power to remind us how we were then, and what was so beautiful about that time, just exactly as it really was.